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cockatiel cage size requirements

HOUSING FOR YOUR COCKATIEL. How many birds will fit in your cage? Place your cockatiel's cage close to the family in a living room, den or bedroom. As you shop larger cages, also watch the bar spacing. The more spacious the enclosure, the more comfortable it will ultimately be for your bird. Sand paper perch covers are very abrasive to the feet, and are not recommended. Remember that breeding cages are smaller than the ones made for resting or maturing cockatiels. Parrotlets: 24" x … Source(s): Owned parakeets and finches for … Enclosure Requirements. Petco sells a 30x30 cage that would be good for either a cockatiel or a GCC. Article about the absolute minimum cage size standards for parrots. Cage : The minimum cage size required for a Cockatiel is size L - 96cm x D - 72cm x H - 72cm bar/mesh 7-12mm Always make sure the wire of your cage or aviary is NOT galvanised as this can lead to zinc poisoning. How big should a cage for my green winged macaw be? How do you think about the answers? Ideally locate it in a quiet corner away from busy or noisy parts of the house. This heavy-duty travel cage* would work well to transport one or two cockatiels. I bought the Pervue (sp?) Vocals: They rather whistling than talking. 50 inches wide . it would be 30/30, by 36 high that is what my cage used to, be , i have now only one left and he is a flight out side with my, they hav to be able to spread ther e wing wen ther on a perch but i only just got mine and hes in a large budgie cage and hes happy :). In general, a cockatiel cage should be large enough to accommodate a few perches (at least 2-3, preferably near the top of the cage). 24” L x 18” W x 24” H is measured as the minimum size of the cage. This is very important for the bird’s health. If you own near about two or more birds, than you can buy the cage which varies from 30” W x 35” L x 40” H. All these points will give you an approximate idea about the cockatiel cage size. What's the minimum size cage does for my cockatiel ? A cage for a pair of breeding cockatiels should be a minimum size of 20 x 20 x 50 inches and should contain a nest box that is at least 12 x 12 inches. An individual cockatiel should have a cage that is at least 24 inches wide, 24 inches tall, and 24 inches deep. Why haven't the pigeons flown south for the winter . Still have questions? However, the more space you can provide the better. Cockatiels (tiels): 20" x 20" x 24" minimum cage size with 1/2" to 5/8" bar spacing. flight cage from but you can find it on amazon too... super affordable, MORE than enough space for a tiel. The space between the cage bars shouldn't be more than 5/8 inch, so that your bird cannot get their head stuck between them. I will repeat myself! Let’s verify the cockatiel cage size. 25 inches high . How big Should Cockatiel Cage be? As a rule of thumb, the cage size should be a minimum of 24″ x 18″ x 24″. 99 List List Price $143.32 $ 143. As a rule, a cockatiel cage for a single cockatiel should be no less than 24” x 24” x 24” and bar spacing should be no more than 5/8”. I'm pleased with it with 2 exceptions, one... the large main door is toward the bottom of the cage, I have no idea what they were thinking, but I can live with it. The dimensions are 18.75 x 14.88 x 18 inches with ½-inch cage bar spacing and a front side-opening door. Remember… the more room, the better! When I had one tiel, I had a 22x24 cage. Apart from the size of the cockatiel cage size, you also have to consider other factors. Most tiels should be okay with up to 5/8" bar spacing. Get your answers by asking now. As a general rule, 3-4 square feet of floor space is required per pair of finches.If you know the dimensions (in inches) of the cage you are considering placing birds into, you can use the calculator below to find out how many birds your cage may comfortably house. Horizontal bars help to make climbing easier. The cage that you purchase must be as large as possible. What I was wondering is what is your ideal cage for a Cockatiel? For one cockatiel, at a minimum, I would go with a 32x21 flight cage. Virtually any medium sized stand-up cage will work well for cockatiels. I agree Chloe, which is why I'm trying to find the largest 5/8" cage I! A simple but important way to evaluate a cage. I think the bigger the better! While flying in such cage maybe problematic, the bird will have an opportunity to jump from one perch to another and spread its wings fully. Make sure that the cage of your cockatiel should be safe and secure for your pet birds. The other, is that there are multiple doors on the side of the cage, but are all held shut by springs, and I have no doubt that a bird could escape if it wanted to, so I had to lock all of those from the outside with some pretty creative twist tie knots, but for the price of the cage I'm not complaining! What size should a cockatiel's cage be? Choose a cage at least twice the size of your cockatiel's wingspan, a minimum of 20 x 20 x 30 inches. Also, the bar spacing should be between 1/2" to 3/4". Average Size: 12 to 14 inches long. A cage that is 24" x 22" x 30" is a good size cage for one cockatiel. Males are the best. Popularity: One of the most popular pet birds in the US. 75 inches high . Bare minimum is 18" cubed however bigger is better. The minimal dimensions for a cockatiel cage in which a bird would feel more or less comfortable are 24” by 18” by 24” (length, width, height). Budgerigars (budgies, parakeets): 18" x 18" x 24" minimum cage size with 1/2" bar spacing. Is this cage big enough for a cockatiel? 32. Cage bar … It helped a lot! you also have to remember the wing span... ☺. It was a decent size for one. As a guideline, shop for a bird cage that is a minimum of 20 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 24 inches height. I did find that the minimum should be 18x18, but I did not find a bar spacing. Bird cage for cockatiel should be at least as big as mentioned. Cage size for two parrotlets. I have 2 A&E flight cages. Of course birds want the biggest cage that you can afford and that should be what you buy unless it is WAY too big so that the bird feels exposed and unsafe, but the very minimum for an average sized cockatiel is: For a 'tiel I wouldn't get a cage any bigger than: The other answers for minimum size are right. The minimum cage size for a regular-size cockatiel would be: Even if I said that the bigger is the better, I would not go for a cage that is larger than: Because the cockatiel could be scared being in such a big cage relative to its size. If you will be keeping more than one in the cage, increase the cage size accordingly. There should be … .5" bar spacing is fine, but no further apart than that. Anything marketed as a "cockatiel cage" is probably more for my opinion! The minimum cage size for a regular-size cockatiel would be: 18 inches across . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If housing more than 1 cockatiel, you are going to want to double or even triple the dimensions given. About 18-20 inches wide, 20 – 25 inches high and about 50 inches long. At a minimum, the best cockatiel cage should have 24x18x24 inches in terms of dimensions. Current Price $85.99 $ 85. Your cockatiel will spend most of his time at the top of any cage you provide, so height isn’t important. Bar spacing should be no more than 3¼4" apart to prevent injury. 18 inches wide . Your cockatiel deserves some room for play and exercise. Keep those cages for big parrots like the Cockatoo and the African Grey, EDIT: I THINK ITS FUNNY HOW MYDELF AND MILK GOT A THUMBS DOWN, WHEN WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE QUESTION. Well, birds are messy creatures, big or small. Minimum Cage Size – The minimum recommended cage size for a cockatiel is 24x18x24 inches. I personally feel that 18x18 is too small. Lovebirds: 24" x 24" x 24" minimum cage size with 1/2" bar spacing. If you have more than one cockatiel, then you should multiply these numbers at least by 1.5 per each bird. I've looked at those 'permanent threads' at the top of Cockatiel Corner, and I have yet to find a cage size. 'Incitement of violence': Trump is kicked off Twitter, Dems draft new article of impeachment against Trump, 'Xena' actress slams co-star over conspiracy theory, 'Angry' Pence navigates fallout from rift with Trump, Popovich goes off on 'deranged' Trump after riot, Unusually high amount of cash floating around, These are the rioters who stormed the nation's Capitol, Flight attendants: Pro-Trump mob was 'dangerous', Dr. Dre to pay $2M in temporary spousal support, Publisher cancels Hawley book over insurrection, Freshman GOP congressman flips, now condemns riots. Keep hearing crows caw,whenever I am out, what does it mean? Cage: The recommended minimum size cage for one cockatiel is the 20in x 20in x 30in (L x W x H). Width and Height – In addition to providing enough square footage for your cockatiel, you need to pay attention to cage dimensions because these birds have a long tail and a head crest – the cage should be at least 24 inches tall, but bigger is better. Those are the cages I was talking about! I like these too, cause they have seed guards. In fact, you can build such cage on your own if you have any cage building experience. Best Nutrition: variety is the key, fresh veggies and fruits, seeds and pellets. The h x w though are perfect. This best cage for cockatiel pick is on the heavier side — weighs 14 pounds. Would a flight cage with .5" bar spacing be ideal? Sexual Maturity: 12 to 24 months. Bigger would be better - the 21" depth of the flight cages isn't adequate for them to actually get any 'flight' inside the cage, in my opinion. So that's what I'm looking for..I'm scouring websites as we speak. According to the minimum requirements for the keeping of parrots of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany (Mindestanforderungen an die Haltung von Papageien (10. The minimum length of a cage should permit at least 2 wing beats (the more the better) between perches. I think bar spacing is .5" They are not fancy but very easy to clean and arrange food containers and toys! This is to ensure that your pet’s feet remain strong and in good condition. Special attention should be paid to cockatiel breeding cage setup. It covers my species range, too.. No matter what size cage, it is going to get messy, fast, and be a pain to clean. Perches for Your Cockatiel Providing a … The sides should be made up of metal bars that are close together. Hmmmmm..... i would say its lenght is twice the width of the bird and hight is twice the hight of the bird. Experts recommend that the minimum size cage that a cockatiel should be kept in should be 24″ long x 18″ wide x 24″ tall. Perches should be placed far enough from the ends of the cage to allow the birds to turn around on the perches without scraping their tail feathers against the cage. Considerations - Picking the Right Cage for Your Cockatiel What is the maximum cage size? Other Factors to Consider. My opinions: the huge flight & octagon cages are too tall. The minimum size of the cage for cockatiel should be 50x50x65 cm (length x width x height). I would add that the bar spacing of 3/4" is ideal, and that at least some bars should be horizontal, as cockatiels love to climb up and down, and up and down, etc. Average Life: 16-25 years. Also includes a funny jailbird cartoon picture joke comparing the size of a macaw cage to the prison cell of a convict. JavaScript is disabled. And an outdoor aviary...but that's more when we get a house a few years down the road...But that's definitely a 'dream' of mine! Agreed... and on that note, I will be washing my beadspread quite often. Cockatiels are spirited birds and you must provide them with a cage large enough to suit their long tail and head crest. The cockatiel cage size requirements mostly depend on the number of birds that you want to keep. A good cage should have horizontal bars on at least two sides, as hookbills love to climb. When buying a cockatiel cage, it must be at least 20 inches in width, 24 inches in height, and 20 inches deep. Provide at least two perches placed far enough apart that the cockatiel can fly or glide. They could actually hurt themselves if they fell from the top (which is where they will be). Product Title ZENSTYLE Bird Cage with Stand Wrought Iron Construction 53-Inch Pet Bird Cage Play Top Parrot Cockatiel Cockatoo Parakeet Finches Birdcage. Many Pet shops, will recommend a cage the size used for a cockatiel as they are around the same size bird, and so many pet birds are kept in what they have been advised by the shop, however this is not correct, it is crucial they have a much larger cage, to keep them in tip top condition and allow them to live full and healthy lives. As a result, reviewers praise its quality and sturdiness but say it is heavy. Thank you! Your cockatiel will get most of its daily nutrition requirements from seeds and fresh foods, but there are some times when you’ll need to supplement with vitamins or minerals, including during breeding, when a bird is sick or when you have chicks and young birds in the cage. You should also be able to place the food bowls as well as plenty of toys while still leaving enough room for the bird to stretch its wings and hop or fly around. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If I need to I'll go down to 1/2", but it sounds to me like 5/8" is best? HQ Flight Bird Cage - Presented by, A&E Cage Company Flight Cage Bird Cage at PETCO, A and E Small Octagon Bird Cage -, Prevue Small Royalty Series Bird Cage -, A&E Victorian Cage 32x23 - MEDIUM CAGES by MY SAFE BIRD STORE, A&E Victorian Cage with storage 32x23 - MEDIUM CAGES by MY SAFE BIRD STORE. We have three of the smaller conures- a Maroon-belly (Carl), a Gold-cap (Fred) and a Green-cheek (Emmie). The bar spacing is very important and it should be more than ½â€ to 5/8” (1.3 – 1.6 cm). When picking a cage, you want to make sure that it is one of the most comfortable … Cage : Should be placed in a corner of a room on a stand or a table A cage should be no smaller than 24 inches in length and 18 inches in width. I have that top one in my 'final three' so to speak.. You can sign in to vote the answer. You want width and depth, not necessarily height. I've looked through a few pages that I search 'cage size for a cockatiel', and didn't find anything. Ideally, your Cockatiel cage should have a bar spacing of 1/2" or 5/8", and as wide as ¾ of an inch. I really like them. Thanks everyone for your input! Egg Incubation Time: 17 to 24 days. A cage that is larger than this is preferable, but the size should not be smaller than this. Get a cage that is a minimum of two feet long. Proper nesting material, such as shredded paper, pine shavings, and molted feathers, should be provided. The minimum size cage for a cockatiel should be 24" long by 18" wide by 24" tall. Great! Additionally, the cage for your cockatiel must be at least 2 up to 3 perches of different textures, shapes and sizes. Average Rating: (4.4) out of 5 stars 9 ratings, based on 9 reviews. Perch diameter should be approximately 5/8 and 1.5 in (1.6-3.8 cm). Always use wire cage fronts, not wire mesh, as mesh will damage their tails. Even if I said that the bigger is the better, I would not go for a cage that is larger than: 50 inches across . I'm getting on Petco now to look at it! Ohh, Suileeka, I would LOVE a bird room! An ideal size for the training cage would be three times the size of the Australian National Cockatiel Society's show cage, built so that slides can be placed to make three cages when training is in progress. There is plenty of room for them to get away from each other if they want to and lots of different areas to have bowls and toys. Then I got another and decided to house them together so I have 2 tiels in a 32x24 and it is PERFECT. The larger the cage, the more comfortable it will be for the bird.

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